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Metal Epoxy Putty: 4 Different Types

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Epoxy putty is great for performing small repairs to a range of different materials, including metal. Mouldable and easy to use, epoxy putties dry quickly, forming a strong bond, and a watertight seal.

It’s important to use the right type of epoxy for your project. That’s why Jenolite offers four different types of metal epoxy putty. The different types contain slightly different ingredients, allowing them to bond more effectively for their designated application.

All of our metal epoxy putties are industrial strength, and usable within 60 minutes. They come in stick form, making them easy to apply without the need to worry about getting the mixture right.

How does metal epoxy putty work?

Metal epoxy putty works in fundamentally the same way as any other epoxy repair putty product. Simply cut off the required amount from the stick, knead it til it is soft, and apply it by hand to the desired surface. Because it is soft to begin with, you can easily mold it to fill holes and cracks.

Epoxies are made of two soft parts (known as two-part epoxies). When mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs which causes the epoxy to harden and form a strong bond. Once hardened, the putty becomes completely waterproof and can be sanded, painted over, or even drilled or machined.

When you’ve finished the repair job, make sure to keep the remaining putty tightly sealed in the original packaging - as long as it’s not been mixed/activated, you can keep it stored for years, or until you need it again.

Different types of epoxy putty for metal

For best results, you should use the product which is best suited for your specific application. We offer specialist epoxies for copper, titanium, steel, and aluminium usage - each specially designed with its own unique properties to match that specific metal.


Copper epoxy is the “plumber’s epoxy,” perfect for a range of plumbing applications. For use on brass, copper, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals, it’s great for making repairs on plumbing elbows, sinks, taps and water heaters. It’s perfect for pipe repairs and plumbing emergencies such as leaking hot lines.

Shop copper epoxy putty.


Jenolite’s titanium epoxy putty is reinforced with titanium, making it perfect for bonding with titanium, and extremely heat resistant. Suitable for temperatures up to 280°C, it is ideal for use on steam pipes and other high temperature applications.

Shop titanium epoxy putty.


Due to its vast number of applications, this is a toolbox essential. Perfect for repairing and rebuilding scratched, chipped, and cracked steel surfaces, Jenolite steel putty is an industrial strength solution that’s suitable for temperatures up to 149°C.

Shop steel epoxy putty.


Thanks to the ubiquity of aluminium, this is another popular metal epoxy, perfect for use on car bodies, car parts, aluminium window frames, and outdoor furniture. Like all our epoxy sticks, it’s waterproof and good for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Shop aluminium epoxy putty.

Not sure which is best to use for your project? Get in touch with us, and we’d be pleased to advise you.

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