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How to stop a bike rusting

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Whether you cycle daily, or your bike spends its life in a damp garage, you can extend the life of your bike by protecting it from rust. When it comes to rust, prevention is better than cure. With that in mind, this blog post takes a quick look at how to stop your bike rusting in the first place.

Preventing rust damage

Rust is formed when metal is affected by moisture and oxygen. Moisture may be in the form of water on a metal bike surface or it may be moisture that is in the air. Since the conditions which provoke oxidation are so common, the key to stopping a bike from rusting is proper prevention.

The first preventative step is to wipe down your bike whenever it gets wet. Keeping it dry and keeping it in a sheltered space, such as an enclosed garage, will keep water and oxygen from creating rust. Not only is rust unsightly - it may impact the safety of the bike when it’s severe. If a bike rusts enough, for long enough, it’s going to turn into dust! And you don’t want your bike frame falling to pieces when you’re hurtling along a busy road.

Assuming that you already do the basics of wiping down your bike, and keep it in a dry place, here are our top tips for really keeping your bike safe and rust-free.

How to Treat Rust

The first step to rust-proofing is of course to remove any existing rust. Jenolite’s rust remover range is probably the best for this, and you will also need a metal brush or wire wool to remove the rust. If you want to remove rust from individual components, you can submerge them in rust remover liquid. For a detailed guide on how to treat existing rust on your bike, read our guide on how to remove rust from a bike

How to Rust-proof a Bike

After you have removed any existing rust, the next step is protection. To really stop your bike rusting, you should use an anti-rust primer on your frame. If you have completely removed any existing rust and paint, and stripped it back to just the frame, then this gives you the ideal situation to rust-proof your bike.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to strip all the paint off and repaint, then your best bet is Jenolite’s rust shield aerosol. This is an easy to use lacquer spray that will weatherproof your bike, providing a powerful barrier against moisture. Another weatherproofing alternative is Waxoil, but this gives a thicker, waxy finish, which you may not want for your bike.

Aside from the frame, keeping the gears and chained well-lubricated will also help to keep rust as bay. Check out our BIO bike chain degreaser to get your chain clean, and bike chain lubricant spray to keep your chain running smoothly.

Sometimes, rust just pops up, seemingly out of nowhere. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of it before it becomes a bigger problem. Rust is both inevitable and treatable. When you prevent it with our tips, you won’t need to treat it as often, and you’ll ultimately save yourself time and money.

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