Eiffel Tower - Case Study - Jenolite

Eiffel Tower - Case Study

By Jenolite Team

It is well known, that orthophosphoric acid, which forms the basis of RRN, transforms iron oxide into a non-reactive, non-conductive and insoluble phosphate coating. To...

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case study for rust treatment for automotive

Coronet Capers - Case Study

By Ben Spargo

Jenolite was used to rust proof the chassis and all external and internal steelwork. Applied by immersion, in a stainless-steel tank, the components were subsequently...

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case study for marine rust treatment

S.S. Agios Geogios V- Case Study

By Connor Heaps

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case study for rust treatment

Whipsnade Zoo - Case Study

By Talitha Heaps

Whipsnade Zoo - Case Study Thanks to Jenolite, the Bedfordshire zoo’s nine-mile iron fence perimeter was renewed to its former rust-free glory. Around eight people...

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case study for rust treatment in old building

Birmingham Museum of Science & Industry - Case Study

By Gary Evans

Back in the 1950s:  Jenolite Rust Remover and Neutraliser played a vital part in getting the exhibits into a fit state for them to be...

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