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Coronet Capers - Case Study

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Coronet Capers - Case Studycaravan rust treatment

Jenolite gets rid of rust from most objects, but we specialise in cars and vehicles. The auto industry has always been a large and important market for Jenolite. It’s a fact of life that rust will attack so treatments for cars, caravans and motorbikes are always in high demand. Jenolite products are legendary for their success rates … from the quick spruce up of a car in the suburbs to repairing an inner-city hotel’s entire fleet of luxury vehicles.

There are literally dozens of stories where Jenolite has battled corrosion and transformed a car or motor vehicle. Back in the 1950s, the company used to publish such successes in the ‘Jenolite News’– articles from which have now been published in an engaging and informative book of company tales, accolades, milestones and challenges. It includes stories about those who are passionate about the manufacture and marketing of metal treatments.

Jenolite is not just a bottle, product or company. It’s a story of long-standing entrepreneurship and customer care. Over decades, Jenolite really has helped a whole lot of people sort out their rust issues.

Coronet Capers - Case Study

Jenolite really works … and the survival of this special caravan, after a 26,500-mile journey between Alaska in the Arctic Circle and a tropical island off the coast of South America proves it.

Back in 1954, Jenolite was chosen to rust proof the caravan, based on a standard Eccles ‘Coronet’ model throughout the gruelling adventure. Over 12 months, the caravan was exposed to every type of climate – and at the end, it was still free of rust.

Jenolite was used to rust proof the chassis and all external and internal steelwork. Applied by immersion, in a stainless-steel tank, the components were subsequently dried before paint was applied – sapphire blue, to match the towing car. So, the set-up was ahead of its time too, in terms of style and design.

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