Rust Converter Epoxy Aerosol

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  • FAST ACTING RUST CONVERTER: Quick acting rust converter, reacts with rust to convert it to a stable compound within 15 minutes
  • READY TO PAINT: Converts rust to a ready-to-paint surface with no need for a primer
  • LONG LASTING PROTECTION: Epoxy based formulation, resists water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide, protecting treated areas for the long term
  • EASY TO USE: No need to rinse off or wipe, just leave to dry and the once rusted area is ready to paint
  • CAN BE LEFT ON TREATED OR PAINTED: Once applied it can be left as is or repainted with either water-based or oil-based paint
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: Aerosol spray for easy application and even coverage
  • COVERAGE: Approximately 2 square meters per 400ml

Easy to use, simply spray directly onto rust and watch it work, transforming rust into a ready to paint black / purple surface. Resistant to water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide, once treated, the surface can be painted directly over, without the need for a primer.

Download technical data (TDS) and manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDS) here.

  • Remove the rust as much as possible by (mechanically) sanding or wire brushing.
  • Shake can well before use. Keep spray distance at 20-30 cm, and spray the area to be treated.
  • Spray 2 or 3 layers “wet on wet” thin enough to prevent sagging, allow the product to convert and dry (when the rust has been converted, it will turn dark blue).
  • If necessary, sand the layer to improve adhesion of the next layer. Apply an anti corrosive primer.
  • Rust Convertor Aerosol is an surface treatment/primer for rusted surfaces. Due to its Reactivity to rust and iron it converts rust into stable primer layer which can be over painted wit most modern paints.
  • For industrial applications such as machines, agricultural machinery, container manufacture, steel structures and automotive maintenance / repair.
  • Typical applications include touching up metal parts after the are damaged and rusted.
  • Excellent rust conversion, excellent adhesion, sandable once dry.

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