Rust Converter Liquid

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  • FAST ACTING RUST CONVERTER: Quick acting rust converter, reacts with rust to convert it to a stable compound within 15 minutes
  • READY TO PAINT: Converts rust to a ready-to-paint surface with no need for a primer
  • LONG LASTING PROTECTION: Resists water vapour, oxygen, carbon dioxide and bacterial growth protecting treated areas for the long term
  • EASY TO USE: No need to rinse off or wipe, just leave to dry and the once rusted area is ready to paint
  • CAN BE LEFT ON TREATED OR PAINTED: Once applied it can be left as is or repainted with either water-based or oil-based paint
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: Can be applied with brush or spray, to provide an even coverage, whilst covering a large surface area
  • COVERAGE: Approximately 6 to 8 square meters per litre, offering great value
JENOLITE Rust Converter is a fast acting, water based formulation that chemically converts rust in to a stable surface and prevents further rusting by creating a barrier to water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide. It also provides superior resistance to bacterial growth.  Once treated, the surface can be painted directly over using most modern paints, without the need for a primer.
Easy to use, simply spray directly onto rust and watch as it gets to work, transforming rust into a ready to paint black / purple surface.

Available in aerosol and non-aerosol formats
Download technical data (TDS) and manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDS) below.

Method of Use

  • Remove all oil and grease with a suitable cleaner. Wire brush surface to remove all loose rust and brush away to a firm rust base. Shake Jenolite Rust Converter bottle well before use as product separates on storage.
  • Brush apply an even thin coating to the surface area. Leave to dry.
  • In approximately 15 minutes the rust will turn black. If not apply a second coating after 30 minutes.
  • Leave the area for 3 to 24 hours ( dependent on the ambient temperature ) to fully cure before painting.
  • Primer may not be necessary unless specifically specified by paint manufacturers. Ensure compatibility of paint coating before applications by carrying out a small test on an insignificant surface as there are numerous different paint formulations marketed.
  • Wash brushes in cold water. Secure bottle cap after use.
  • Do not return any surplus Jenolite Rust Converter to the original container after use.
  • Any rust converter that may be splashed on to sound paint surfaces should be washed off immediately with water as staining may occur.
  • Protect product from frost damage. Store between 5 and 15OC. 
  • Any precipitation in the product due to low temperature storage can usually be overcome by immersing the container for 10 to 15 minutes in hot water.
  • Jenolite Rust Converter is a safe to use rust treatment which transforms rust into a stable hydrophobic complex. It is suitable for over coating with most traditional paints.
  • The unique film properties of Jenolite Rust Converter provide:-An excellent barrier to water vapour, oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

· Excellent salt spray resistance.

· Good chemical resistance i.e. to splash and spillage.

· Resistance to bacterial growth.

  • The special chelating action of Jenolite Rust Converter to the rust will stabilise the surface and form a protective surface coating on drying. The surface will turn black.
Size 125ml

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