Alloy Paint | Silver | 400ml

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  • PREMIUM ALLOY WHEEL PAINT: High quality acrylic-based aluminium paint for restoring wheel alloys
  • EASY APPLICATION: Spary on, quick drying paint
  • DURABLE PROTECTION: Fantastic resistance to corrosion, flaking, cracking and stone chips
  • PROFESSIONAL FINISH: Once cured leaves a high quality, professional finish
  • RESTORE, REFURBISH, CUSTOMIZE: Improve the look of your alloy wheels

Alloy Paint is a specially formulated metallic paint that has been designed for motor use. The metallic chrome effect is perfect for creating an appealing and decorative finish that is both lustrous and hardwearing.  In addition it can also be used in areas that reach up to 90°C.


Remove all traces of oil or grease. Remove old paint and loose rust with steel wool or wire brush.


Make sure the surface is free from dirt, oil and other contaminants.


Spray on in smooth, even strokes from around 15cm-30cm away. It’s key to ensure that the whole surface area has been fully covered for maximum protection.  For high corrosion protection, bare metal should be treated with an anti-corrosion primer prior to use.


This aerosol should be stored out of direct sunlight and in temperatures below 50°C. To prevent blockages, invert the can and spray for 2 seconds. Extremes of temperature affect drying performance.

Consult safety data sheet before use

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