paint remover from alloy wheels how to guide and FAQ

How to remove paint from alloy wheels

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Need to remove old, cracked, and chipped paint? Maybe you’ve invested in a second-hand car with unsightly alloys? Or maybe you’re regretting your newest paint job? 

Whatever the reason is, if you’re wanting to remove paint from your alloys then this guide will help you strip your rims back to bare metal without ruining or scratching the surface.

Clean your alloys

Before removing the paint, cleaning your wheel alloys is important as it can get rid of excess grease and grime that will cause a barrier between your alloy surface and the paint stripper, preventing it from working as effectively. Use a degreaser or some soap and water with a sponge to remove any dirt from the surface.

Use a paint stripper 

The best way to remove paint from alloys is to use a formula specifically designed to strip paint, rather than natural, home remedies. This is so you know it will do the job successfully without damaging the metal, as well as being simple to use.

Spray the paint remover liberally over the affected area from about 15-20cm away, ensuring a good and even coating is applied. Wait 15 minutes so that the paint softens as it is saturated, then remove with a scraper or similar implement.

Use a small brush such as a toothbrush or scrubbing brush to gain access to specific areas to concentrate on, such as dents, on the inside of the alloy spokes, or around the bolts. 

Repeat this process if necessary to remove any remaining stubborn parts. The Jenolite Paint Stripper also has the ability to remove clear coatings on your alloys for repainting.

How to paint your alloy wheels

Once the previous paint has been removed, you may want to repaint them to give your alloy wheels a fresh, new look. If you haven’t already, clean your alloys with soap and water or a degreaser to remove grease, oil, and dirt. 

Using Jenolite Alloy Paint, spray in smooth strokes 30cm away to coat with a thin and even layer, then allow the product to cure and dry for 2 hours before over-spraying. 

The paint is resistant to corrosion, flaking, and stone chips which makes it a great and durable surface that will not only refurbish your alloys but protect for years to come.

The paint stripper spray can be used on other surfaces such as wood, metal, and concrete. Take a look at our other articles to see how you can remove paint from a range of materials.

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