paint stripper from concrete how to guide and FAQ

How to remove paint from concrete

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Removing paint from concrete needn’t be a difficult task. Whether you’re cleaning up a paint spillage, removing old paint so you can go for a new colour, or stripping a concrete surface back to its natural state, this guide will take you through how to remove different types of paint from concrete effectively and easily, without damaging the surface.

Removing paint from concrete without chemicals

If you’re looking to remove paint from concrete without chemicals, pressure washing can be tried as an alternative. If you don’t have a pressure washer, other known natural methods such as vinegar and baking soda might not work depending on the severity, and so may result in more money being spent trying different processes. It’s also not worth forking out on a pressure washer if you don’t already own one just to remove paint as there’s no guarantee it’ll work.

Bear in mind these methods won’t be as effective and will also require more elbow grease, so we recommend using Jenolite industrial strength paint stripper as it won’t harm your concrete surface and is made specifically for the job. 

How to remove spray paint from concrete

Have you been the victim of a spray-painted wall? Spray paint can prove very difficult to remove, as its natural quick-drying nature means layers upon layers of paint can easily accumulate. Not only does it set quickly, but it can saturate inside all the cracks and holes in the concrete.

This is why it’s ideal to use a paint stripper that comes in aerosol form just like its enemy so it can cover all the affected areas evenly. Using the Jenolite paint remover spray is perfect for the job as it clings to vertical surfaces, making it a highly effective treatment for removing paint from walls. Simply spray on 15-20cm away and wait 15 minutes for it to work, remove with a scorer or hard brush to get inside all of the holes and crevices. Repeat if necessary. 

How to remove masonry paint from concrete

Thinking of repainting your wall, or is your concrete floor looking a bit worn and dated? Old paint can become cracked and stained, and removing it can allow for a new fresh colour to be applied, or left bare. 

Using a degreaser or soap and water, scrub well to remove the top layer of dirt, dust, or general debris. This means the paint stripper formula can work directly onto the desired surface. Then apply the paint remover liberally and give time for the formula to work, but don’t allow it to fully dry, 15 minutes should be enough. 

Once it’s had time to penetrate, you can scrub the concrete clean with a hard brush. If you find the first application hasn’t quite done the job you can repeat the process to get all the remaining stubborn bits.

Following the steps above will help you remove paint with ease. However, another important thing to remember is to store the aerosol correctly after use, ensuring you can use it time and time again. It’s best kept in a cool, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight and invert the can after use and spray for 2 seconds to prevent blockages.

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