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How to protect your car from stone chips

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A guide on how to protect your car from scratches using anti stone chip

A gravel driveway, a country road, or a rogue pebble on seemingly smooth tarmac. We’ve all experienced a stone chip, but what if this causes damage to your car? This handy guide will help you protect your car’s underbody, inside wheel arches, bumpers, and body guards against stone chips and other scratches caused by salt, stone chips, and weather.

Prepare the surface of your car 

To prepare your car for application, it’s important to remove all loose dirt, grease, and other debris from the area that is to be treated. You can use a wire brush or abrasive paper to remove previous surface coatings if necessary. Make sure the area is dry before using the aerosol and that any areas of rust should be treated with rust remover or converter, before application. Take a look at our handy article on how to remove rust from your car

Apply thin coats of the anti stone chip spray

Once you’ve cleaned the area well, shake the can of Jenolite Anti-Stone Chip Aerosol and apply even, light coats from 15-20cm away. Apply at least two layers for optimal protection. Our anti-stone chip aerosol is suitable for use on your car’s underbody, inside wheel arches, bumpers, and its body guards.

Once you’ve finished, invert the can and depress the actuator for a few seconds. This prevents nozzle blockage for future use.

Benefits of protecting your car using anti stone chip

Non-drip formula

The solution is made to be a non-drip formula, ensuring it doesn’t spread to other surfaces and reduces waste by ensuring it is only used on the affected areas.

High-quality protection

Our aerosol product is of high quality, protecting the surface of your car from dampness, stones, and rust. The barrier that forms won’t crack or peel over time, making sure you get the best protection that keeps your car looking great while lasting a long time.

Produces a paintable surface

Our aerosol can be painted over once dry, suitable for using a topcoat afterward, providing a layer of protection against rust and water. You might also want to check out our Bitumen Undercoat Aerosol in Black which leaves a tough weatherproof skin.

You can also use anti-stone chip on sills, spoilers, and lower body panels to cover damage and provide long-term protection. Explore our full range of automotive products here.

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